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Wedding Piper at Norton House Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh| Rachel & Murray

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Back in April this year Murray and Rachel got in touch with me following a recommendation from another piper. Unusually for a Saturday at short notice in the summer I was available. So after a couple of emails were exchanged and performance videos were sent, I was booked to provide our Ceremony Package in the standard day wear uniform. This is our second most popular WEDDING PIPER package and covers guest arrivals, the ceremony and 30 minutes post ceremony as drinks are served and the official photographs are started.

Lee and Lynne first got in touch back in June 2018 and knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted to integrate their wedding piper into their day right from the start.Given the recent monsoon weather we had been 'enjoying' and the fact it was overcast and starting to spit rain, I was surprised to see everything set up for an outdoor ceremony and looking amazing. Rachel had been down a little earlier and assured everyone that it was going to stay dry and to set up outside.

I started playing beside the doorway through the large stone wall surrounding the Garden Suite and grounds as the guests started to arrive . I caught a quick word with Murray on his arrival, he appeared very calm, together and was taking it all in his stride.

I then managed a quick run through proceedings with the wedding celebrant Sharon Campbell of the Caledonia Humanist Association on her arrival just to double check we had everything the same for the ceremony music.

The sight of the very talented Jenniflower Photography heading towards us let me know that Rachel and the Bridal Party were just about to arrive and ceremony time was upon us.

Rachel & Murray had chosen some interesting pipe tunes for their ceremony, I played her and the Bridal party down the aisle with The Skye Boat song, then during the signing a lovely lively hornpipe called The train journey North, which I teamed with The steam train to Mallaig. After the ceremony which was beautifully delivered by Sharon Campbell, I played everyone out with the The Atholl Highlanders.

By this time the thought of rain had long gone and the sun was shining bright and really quite hot, so the wedding piper found a shaded spot to finish of his performance as the champagne flowed and everyone mingled. Games were laid out on the lawn for the kids (big and small) to play.

Another lovely wedding and a real pleasure to be part of it.

CELEBRANT - Sharon Campbell


All images by @apiperwithaphone

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